Job title: Full Stack Developer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Skills: Fullstack Django Strawberry MariaDB React18 TypeScript
Salary type: Annual
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Remote
Job published: 19-06-2022
Job ID: 32376

Job Description

Full Stack Developer

Location: Fully remote (with the flexibility to work overseas) 

Salary: Up to £90k

Having just received £2.5million in seed funding, our client, a Tech start-up founded by ex-musicians is looking to build and grow their existing SaaS product that revolutionises the way Creators reward fan loyalty.  Their platform allows Creators to boost fan engagement and monetisation by making it seamless for them to identify and reward their fans - no matter how or where they engage (e.g. via websites, music apps or engagement on social media platforms).  

The Role

What you will do

  • Deliver on product designs to add a range of creator and fan functionality to the platform (via agile approaches)
  • Build abstractions on top of our NFT tech, such as fiat purchases and custodial wallets, to lower the barrier to entry to Web3
  • Help to maintain and add to a growing set of integrations they have with both content platforms (such as Discord and Shopify) and blockchains (such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Flow)
  • Scale public API infrastructure to meet the demands of creators with millions of fans
  • Enable new business models through smart contract adaptations
  • Help to steer product direction by listening to users, exploring data and contributing ideas
  • Learn about blockchains, tokens and smart contracts (if you haven’t already)
  • Level up our team by helping others and asking for help when needed

Tech Stack you will use


  • Django 4 (with python 3.10 + mypy)
  • Strawberry (for GraphQL schema definitions)
  • MariaDB


  • React 18 (with TypeScript)
  • Apollo Client
  • Chakra UI
  • Web3.js


  • Heavily AWS
    • Containerised deployments of backend services (built on ARM64 and running on Graviton)
      • Soon to use Kubernetes instead of ECS
    • Aurora database
  • Cloudflare Pages (for serving frontend)
  • GitHub Actions (for CI and CD)

We currently support NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon and social tokens on Rally.


  • BigQuery (for data warehousing)


  • Imgproxy (for image resizing)


  • Alchemy for some blockchain interactions
  • Stripe for card payments


  • You have experience working across the tech stack to build and deliver customer value
  • You have a product mindset and enjoy making customers happy through data driven decisions and experimentation
  • You have an eye for detail and trust in your own decisions
  • You’re passionate about the creator economy (music, gaming, etc.)
  • You’re happy to participate in occasional non-product tasks for the greater good of a small team
  • You’re interested in solving new challenges using cutting edge technologies in a changeable landscape
  • You have 2+ years of experience with React, Python and SQL


  • Fully remote employment (with the flexibility to work anywhere in the world)
  • Access to team meet ups in a range of locations
  • Unlimited holidays
  • A new MacBook and a £1,000 office budget so that you can work from home comfortably and effectively
  • The opportunity to be an early employee who will grow along with the company's success
  • Exposure to a vibrant community of users and our network of partners and experts
  • Immersion and expertise in one of the most disruptive technologies of our era (Web3)
  • Competitive salary plus stock options

The Company's Values

  • Love what you do: We are passionate about our mission to revolutionise the creator economy and bring joy to millions of creators and fans. As creators and fans ourselves, we are are immensely proud to be building such a meaningful product. We let that pride drive an incredibly high-quality work ethic.
  • Be kind to yourself and the world: We show compassion to each other and to ourselves. We continuously hold ourselves to account to ensure the world is a better place with our company in it. Otherwise - what’s the point?
  • Obsess over outcomes: We don’t care about unnecessary face time... bs work politics or process for the sake of process. We are data-driven - focussed on tangible and measurable outcomes - not inputs.
  • Speak openly about both good and bad: Real talk! We are not afraid to tell each other when things are not going well. Equally, we unashamedly shout when things are great.
  • Move fast in the face of uncertainty: We don’t always know the answers. Nonetheless, we are not afraid to hustle, hack and figure it out through doing.
  • Do things you haven’t done before: Learning through trying is the key to growth. We encourage everyone to push the boundaries in what they can do - both personally and professionally.

Our client is not set up with the government in order to offer sponsorship and therefore only UK residents or those with eligible visa status can be considered