Job title: Founding Engineer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Financial Services
Skills: React Native NodeJS TypeScript
Salary type: Annual
Salary: Negotiable
Location: London
Job published: 21-06-2022
Job ID: 32379

Job Description

Founding Engineer

Location: London

Salary: £60-90k

We are very excited to be working with a Tech Start-up pioneering a change in the way women think about investing. Female wealth accumulation is at an all time high, growing at 1.5x the rate of men, yet investment platforms remain heavily male dominated.

Their solution will provide the support networks women currently lack to build investment confidence, combined with an investment solution built to enable women to accumulate wealth over the long term, whilst meeting the goals and values they aspire to.

The Role

As Founding Engineer you will:-

  • Play a lead role in building the company and its platform from the foundations.
  • Join a collaborative and supportive team in a fast paced environment, creating an engaging and beautiful product that will change the financial lives of millions of women.
  • Work with the CTO, you will make key architectural decisions that will be foundational pillars of the engineering organisation for years to come.
  • Be given ownership of entire features end to end, the space and support to lead product direction, and the opportunity to shape the platform from day one.
  • Help grow the team, be involved in hiring and mentoring new engineers.
  • Set the tone for the engineering culture within the company.
  • Work in React Native and NodeJS (and Typescript!)

Qualities we are looking for:-

  • You align with our vision. Whilst the founding engineer is in place to build the best product for their users, you will align with the company's vision, understanding the value of building a female first product.
  • Leader You will have a strong sense of ownership. You are comfortable taking on responsibility of building the core product at pace and confident with delegation and direction as the technical team will grow.
  • Dynamic You will be rapidly solving challenges across the stack that haven’t been solved before, continuously communicating with the rest of the founding team. The nature of the business stage means priorities will constantly change. You need to remain flexible and be able to adapt to pivots.
  • Empathetic You are able to put yourself in the shoes of their users to deliver a female first investment product. You will build an app that takes users on a journey, enabling them to navigate the seemingly complex world of investing with confidence.
  • Even better if: you have a demonstrated entrepreneurial flair. Perhaps you founded your own company in the past, have a side hustle, or get involved in one.

Benefits Available to You:

  • Competitive salary and equity - negotiable based on experience. We’re looking for the best to join the company, so we use a data-driven approach to ensure that we're offering competitive salary & equity packages.
  • Generous pension contribution - focused on long term investing, the company want to put your pension in the best position now so you can enjoy the future you deserve.
  • £500 annual learning and development budget - this is for you to spend the way you want, and does not need to have direct relation to your current role.
  • **25 days annual leave (excl. bank holiday) - take them all.
  • Hybrid working style - Typically the team spends 3-4 days a week together at the office. They are strong believers that brainstorming in person cannot be replicated remotely.
  • Technical equipment - They will invest in the stuff you need to do your job properly.
  • Regular team off-sites - They believe it’s important to get the team together outside the office.
  • Flexible on other benefits - we are all at different stages in life, and appreciate different things. It’s not up to them to decide what they are for you. They give you the power to choose what you want through flexible benefits scheme.

What Might Excite You About this Company

  • You will add direct value. As founding engineer hire, you will be given a blank canvas where you can use your experience and creativity to take ideas and designs, put them into production, and be able to say ‘yes, I built that’.
  • Quick feedback loops. Unlike designing enterprise software or working in big tech, launch and get user feedback on what’s working and what’s not in a matter of hours.
  • You will join a company setting out to do huge things for society. The product you will build has the potential to bring financial independence and confidence to millions of women.
  • There has never been a better time to build this platform. They are at an inflection point, with a number of macro trends colliding that makes now the time to launch. Retail investing is at an all time high, whilst female wealth accumulation and academic outperformance is at its highest. We don’t see any of these trends slowing.
  • Female first works. They’re joining some of the worlds most valuable start ups building products that put women at the core, such as: Maven Clinic, Bumble, Elvie and Glossier. These companies are backed by world leading investors that increasingly understand the value of gender-aware solutions.
  • Want to set up employees for long term success, whether that is with them or perhaps starting your own business, they believe the days of a one role career are long gone. We want to ensure you are on a constant learning curve, where internal mobility is encouraged. They want you to one day look back on your time at with them as pivotal for your personal and professional growth.
  • Shape our culture. By joining the founding team, you will help define the culture we want to embody both now and as we grow.
  • Values-based business that genuinely cares about gender equality. They want to foster a culture of trust, growth, honesty and good energy for the men and women that work with us.

What Might Not Excite You About this Company :) (but it might!)

  • You will have big responsibility (which means big opportunity). As the founding engineer, they will be relying on you to lead all stages of the build, leveraging your own expertise and bringing in new team members when needed to develop a market-leading investment platform. You will of course be recognised for taking on this responsibility and have your share in the upside of your hard work.
  • Priorities may shift quickly. We will be frequently tackling evolving problems that don’t have clear-cut answers. While they make calculated decisions, they are building a culture of experimentation, and will pivot as necessary based on data and user feedback.
  • We don’t have structured management (yet!). They are a small team and each create their own structure, deadlines, priorities - there won’t be anyone telling you how to do your job. We’re looking for someone that gets energised by being able to run with things. A self-motivated and growth mindset is key to getting the most out of your time.
  • There is a lot to do. They work hard, which often means working outside of the typical 9am - 5pm day. This won’t always be the case as they scale, but it is now. That said, they trust each team member to create a flexible work schedule that allows them to be most productive while accommodating other priorities outside of work. They also strongly encourage time off to recharge the batteries.

N.B. Our client is not set up with the government in order to offer sponsorship and therefore only UK residents or those with eligible visa status can be considered.